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Some of your favourite foods! (part2)

apple pie

Some Examples of Foods invented by Brits:

Apple pies

Americans do their best to claim they did this first, but to be honest, they weren’t. We’ve been making them since 1381. That’s 650 years. It’s astonishing.

We can lay claim to meat pies and apple pies as well. It’s a true story.


You won’t believe this one. For long, you’re sure it’s Italian. You’re definitely sure. But, in fact, no, us again. Although when we invented it in the 13th century it didn’t contain tomatoes. Mental. But, it has the same roots and ingredients to justify our claim.

Wagon Wheels

Who could know that these genius lunchtime treats were all us? They’re sold in countries around the world, like Canada and Australia, and were introduced to the world in 1948. It’s been a piece of our art.